Strategic thinker. Story teller. Maker. Doer. An art-based creative director with an entrepreneurial spirit, I'm passionate about bringing big ideas to life. Ideas that command attention, entertain and engage people. Over the past several years I've developed campaigns throughout Asia Pacific, stretching as far north as China and as far south as Australia.

Victorian Dept. of Health - 'What are you doing on ice?' | Integrated
How do you get 18-24 years olds to sit up and take notice of a Government anti-drug campaign?

Australian Air Force - 'AIR FORCE FM' | Direct
To attract the best electronic and technology students we distributed FM radio kits to schools - only we didn't include the instructions.

VicRoads - 'Got the Message?' | Integrated
Significant changes to driving rules were introduced to combat an ever-increasing problem on our roads - driver distraction and mobile phones.
Village Cinemas - 'Meet THE NOM NOM'S' | DIgital & POS
Being in the entertainment business, it was only fitting Village have their own cast of big screen movie characters.
Strike Entertainment - 'RE:BOOT' | Digital & Experiential
Bowling was losing it's cool. So to gain some cred with it's younger audience, Strike put a call to entry out to redesign their bowling shoe.
Oakley - 'One Obsession' | Integrated
Sports stars driven by their internal obsession to exceed the competition. The Obsession Within is Oakley's new brand proposition platform.

Peters Maxibon - 'MAXIBLOKES' | Integrated
Fighting a superhuman hunger? If you can devour a super-man sized snack like a Maxibon, you deserve your own action figure.

Peters Drumstick - 'Music to your Mouth' | Integrated
Summer in Australia is all about music and ice-cream.
So we set out to see what Drumstick's two new flavours, Rock and Pop might 'sound' like?


NINETY/NINE | Feature - In Development
You know things are out of order when 80 of the World's richest individuals hold more wealth than the poorest 3.2 Billion. Just how long can the 99% stay silent...

Dicerâ„¢ Bikes
Custom designed and built hot-todded Chinese roadster bicycles. Inspired by the American board track racers of the early 1900's.

Tropfest 2011 | Short Film
Claire loves to run, but her father loves to win. Directed by Brad, 'Big Feet' finished in top 25 films at Tropfest Short Film Festival 2011.


SLS AMG Gullwing | Print
Bruising valet's egos worldwide.

CSI: | Guerilla Ambient
UV murder scenes. Awarded

The SLS AMG | Integrated
Yes, it will fly.

Standard Chartered | Print
Striking the right balance.

CandleHour | Mobile App
Support Earth Hour 2011.

SingTel mio TV | TVC
The best of British television.

Mercedes-Benz | Integrated
Do something for nature. Awarded

Barons Beer | Webfilm
Strong brew for the strong few.

Dulux | Print
An infinite range of colour.

Pedigree | Webfilm
Better breath for your best friend.

Sony PSP | Webfilm
A PSP if for life. Not just for Xmas.

CSI Digital fingerprints | Digital
Evidence is everywhere.
AXN Cable TV| Print
Non Stop Action TV.

Earth Hour | Digital Initiative
Turn off your profile picture.

Broadband on Mobile| Print
Whatever, Whenever, Wherever.

Fear Factor | Ambient
See it on AXN.


Singtel | Movement
Spare a minute? Of course you can.

Guinness & Co. | Integrated
The pub for the people.

FedEx | Outdoor Activation
Europe. Overnight.
Nokia N97 | Print
Fit More Life In.